I’ve always seen the world in a different manner than others, and have been creative since childhood, so transitioning my natural talents into a career was easy. I deliver a very positive, and progressive message with a "call it like I see it attitude".


    As an actor, I am constantly training my voice, body, and mind. I really enjoy emotionally charged scenes & stunt work. If you are looking for a “tattooed blonde ass kicker” please don’t hesitate to reach out to my agent Lora Huntington via email Personally, I'm here to help tell the stories that people are afraid to talk about. I'm here to play the parts that other actors don't have the ability or are too intimidated to play.


    Between films I train in MMA & Stunt Fighting. My Mixed Martial Arts background definitely helps with being able to realistically portray stunts on camera. If someone misses a move during choreography, you can get clocked pretty good in the face or body. I'm pretty hardcore, and eat head kicks like fucking cookies- you've got to be tough.
I enjoy Boxing, Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, Judo, and Wrestling. If you are an actor who would like to add any of these techniques to your resume, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly at

    In the publishing world, my job consists of copy editing and story restructuring in order to develop books into easy reads for authors of all genres. I specialize in formatting books for Kindle and design or direct the designing process for book covers. I am a very observant critical thinker, and question everything until I completely understand the information that I've been presented with- no matter what the content may be. I'm a big fan of things making sense, so I ask a lot questions in order to get a clear vision of what clients actually need. When I explain something to someone I don't use industry jargon or make my job sound superficial because I'm a project person, not a salesperson- client's best interests are my priority. I don’t take on every client that contacts me either, but it’s nothing personal- it’s just business.