How to Boost the Population of Your Senior Care Community

posted Aug 17, 2016, 12:43 PM by Constance Payne

How to Boost the Population of Your Senior Care Community

Boosting the population of your senior care community center takes a combination of event planning and social media marketing in order to reach new residents and keep your current ones happy. In this article you will learn how to utilize social media services so you can concentrate on creating successful events and monthly open houses that will make your center the go to place for seniors.

Utilizing Social Media Services

It’s no secret that social media is the virtual network of choice when looking to distribute your message towards a certain target market. When information is correctly sourced to the public, it spreads like wildfire throughout the online community. “Going viral” is now a term that stands out in the social industry, and such articles and/or videos indirectly improve your company’s net worth. In addition, not only will you improve your credibility by using social media, you will notice an increased public approval rating for your senior community care center.

Managing your social network can be tricky if you do not have a full understanding of how your target market communicates and interacts online. Anyone can fill out an online profile or publish information on the web, but it takes a team of experts to identify the core message of your company, and distribute that information appropriately.

The comprehensive written copy and the timing of distribution are the two most important aspects of delivering your message. Marketing and media companies allow you to concentrate on the keys to success that will keep your seniors happy, directly resulting in your community’s growth. In order to ensure your care center’s overall message is geared towards the 45+ population- you must first identify your key to success.

Events are Your Key to Success

The amount of retirees looking for a community that appeals to them is growing at an exponential rate, are you ready to show them your community is the best choice?

While young adults don’t mind a nice relaxing conversation with their parents, grandchildren are another story. Creating events that inspire the whole family to spend time with their elders will improve the quality of life at your assisted living facility.

Events help to create a unique culture within your senior community. That cultural influence is what makes your care center attractive to new residents. Advertise your monthly events as an open house to entice seniors and their families to check out why your facility would be the best match for them. By hosting an open house regularly, your new attendees will feel more comfortable with your staff, increasing your chances of new residency.

Once you understand what types of activities your residents enjoy, you will have successful events. While everyone measures success in different ways, you should measure yours by how close to the max capacity your facility is every quarter or bi-yearly- however often you prefer to test your success level.

Finding out what works for your company.

Creating an event schedule for the year is not a job for just one person. Talk to your employees and coworkers to help break down the barrier of communication that you have with your residents. What do your people want? What sorts of activities brought them joy when they were younger?

Though there will be physical issues preventing some from participating- that does not mean they will not enjoy a happy and alert atmosphere. Sometimes, ambiance and a little bit of color is enough to keep one emotionally balanced.

       Creating your event.

Before your team starts writing thoughts on the idea board, you must first outline a budget. Create a standard budget for eleven events, one to be held monthly for the entire year. You should then double that standard budget for one annual celebration- resulting in twelve events total. Loosely planning an event each month will help your staff to communicate with residents about what they would like, and it will give them something to look forward to.

The goal is to create an atmosphere for your clients that is cost effective, but does not sacrifice quality. If you fall under budget one month, or a few months, then that savings will help make your annual event unforgettable. Your annual event can be a standard commercial holiday or your own unique gathering for all the family, friends, and community members.

Once you understand your company’s personal budget, as a team, you can make a list of event ideas, and create a separate list of what is needed to make them fun. Do you actually need decorations? Will the menu for the day compliment your activities? Will you have special guests or entertainment of any kind? Get creative. Creativity happens on all types of budgets.

If you find yourself over budget on a particular event, then outsourcing sponsorship opportunities will help bring your dream event to fruition. When looking for sponsors, please note that every sponsor must be relevant to the target market of your community. For example, auto dealership sponsors might be relevant to some, but not all senior care facilities. Local businesses are more likely to sponsor events when your target market meets their priorities.

The ultimate goal of each event is to create a happy, fun, family environment. If you find yourself or your staff emotionally wound during the creation and execution process- you need to sit back and realize that this is a learning process that should be fun for everyone involved. Successful events are not stressful.

You must also come to terms that not all events are perfect the first time you have them. This will be a learning experience for you and your entire staff. A meeting should be held after every event in order to manage the quality of how well your staff works together during these types of special activities. Communication between general staff and management is another important aspect for a company’s growth.

       Event ideas.

Reading. Authors are everywhere. When people enjoy reading, they also enjoy discussing what they read in order to fully understand the information they are taking in. Inviting a guest author to help initiate that dialogue can be more entertaining than you might think.

Dancing. Hiring a dance instructor for the day to provide an eclectic schedule of popular dance styles from back in the day will help keep everyone moving.

Bingo. Everyone loves bingo. You can invest in a cost effective professional looking bingo set by typing in “bingo kit” on the search engine. If your residents really enjoy it, get creative and make up a fun theme to the game or any other way to make it different. For example, a luau theme is very cost effective.

Field Trips. Avoid the “cabin fever effect” by taking your residents somewhere. There are so many free activities out there such as parks, lakes, and outdoor concerts. You can also get group ratings at museums and monuments. Using the Google search engine feature will pull up all sorts of things. is also an excellent tool that provides great discounts to large groups.

Theatre. Hiring an actor, actress, or theatrical troupe for the day is a great way to provide entertainment. Perhaps you can speak to your performer(s) about being more interactive with the audience, allowing them to be a part of the show in some fashion.

Animals. There are wonderful ideas out there that cost absolutely nothing, but bring so much joy to our elders. A nice visit with a service animal is a great way to put a smile on everyone’s face for the day, and there are a lot of people out there that will do it for free because they just like to make people happy.

Social Seminars. Highlighting lifestyle planning by bringing in guest speakers to create a group discussion about social security, estate planning, charitable causes, and technology skills will open a discussion and help generate audience participation.

Family & Health Benefits

Keeping our loved ones physically and mentally active provides the health benefits they need to stay strong and watch their legacies thrive. When our elders are constantly engaged with an activity, task, or mental challenge, they feel a sense of self worth again. The feeling of having something purposeful to do, no matter how minimal that may be, helps to keep the moral and population of your senior care community at maximum capacity.